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Since 2000, AMTIL has operated Austech, Australia’s premier advanced manufacturing and machine tool exhibition. The 2022 event will see Australian Manufacturing Week co-located side by side with Austech, with the two exhibitions taking place from 8-11 March 2022 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC).

The launch of Australian Manufacturing Week followed the decision by Reed Exhibitions to cease the operation of its National Manufacturing Week (NMW) exhibition, held in co-location with Austech for the last 20 years. The discontinuation of NMW was seen as an opportunity for AMTIL to widen the scope of its events portfolio and develop an industry exhibition that showcases the full extent and diversity of manufacturing in Australia today, and the technologies, processes and innovations shaping its future.

AMTIL’s aim is for Australian Manufacturing Week to be more than just an exhibition, instead serving as the centrepiece of a week-long celebration of manufacturing in Australia today. Alongside Australian Manufacturing Week and Austech, a variety of additional events will also be taking place, including UNLIMIT3D and the Future Solutions Stage, which will host presentations around Research, New Technology, and Women in Manufacturing.

AMW is the natural new home for companies that have had an interest in, or exhibited at National Manufacturing Week.

Event Days –
Tuesday 8th March, 2022
Wednesday 9th March, 2022
Thursday 10th March, 2022
Friday 11th March, 2022

For the latest AMW/Austech Exhibitor Terms and Conditions click here

Proudly owned by AMTIL, and co-located with Austech, Australian Manufacturing Week is the largest event focused on all aspects of engineering and manufacturing being held in Australia in 2022.

Capitalise on a targeted audience delivered to your AMW stand.

  • Capture the attention of new prospects ready to do business
  • Meet with customers ready to give you their time and attention
  • Inform the market of your new products and services.

Industry exhibitions and trade shows are a great way to promote your business and its products and services, but they can also be a serious commitment in terms of time and money. Here’s a list of reasons why they can be worth the investment.

  1. Get in front of a targeted audience. Trade shows and exhibitions usually attract the key decision-makers from an entire industry. For example, Australian Manufacturing Week 2022 (AMW 2022), to be held in Melbourne next March, will bring together business owners, CEOs, general managers and more from across Australian manufacturing. And they’re there with an intention to buy. There are few better ways to reach your target market.
  2. Generate new leads. Having a stand at an exhibition like AMW2022 is a great way to meet and engage new prospects who are ready to give you their time and attention. They may not buy anything at the show itself, but by establishing relationships with these potential customers, you lay the ground for future sales.
  3. Enhance existing customer relationships. As well as new business, trade shows are a fantastic opportunity to catch up with your existing clients, find out about their ongoing needs, and talk about how you can help. It’s highly likely most of your customers would visit a major industry event like AMW. And if you’re not there, maybe they’ll go talk to your competitors instead.
  4. Sell, sell, sell. Of course at the end of the day, the goal for any business is to make sales. And while that’s not the only reason to exhibit at a show like AMW, it’s a pretty big one. Plus, while it’s great to have an eyecatching exhibit displaying your latest products, you’ll really get people’s attention if those products have a few ‘SOLD’ signs.
  5. Pit yourself against the competition. It goes without saying that if you don’t exhibit at a trade show, your competitors certainly will. The flipside is that by taking a stand, you set yourself alongside your rivals, and if you get it right… set yourself apart. There’s no better way to outshine the opposition.
  6. Educate the market. An exhibition stand is a great way to foster awareness of your latest products and services. If you’ve got a new product, there’s no better occasion for a launch event to roll it out. Exhibitions are also great opportunities to demonstrate technically complex products, so prospective buyers can see it up close and find out what it can do for them.
  7. Stay up to date. There are lots of intangible benefits to exhibiting at a show like AMW, such as the opportunity to get more of a sense of what’s going on in the industry right now. You might use it to investigate new distribution channels. You might gather intelligence on what your competitors are doing. You should get a strong sense of the mood of the market. And so on…
  8. Break into a new market. Any industry exhibition will usually be dominated by established players in that particular sector. AMW will feature all the big names in manufacturing, for example. But if you’re targeting new industry segments, trade shows are also a great way for you to announce yourself. With the right approach, you can really make your business one of the stars of the show.
  9. Show what you can do. It’s not just your products and services that are on show at an event like AMW; it’s your entire business. Potential customers often aren’t just looking to buy this thing or that thing – they’re looking for suppliers they can rely on. Having a stand is a platform for your team to demonstrate they have the expertise and the aptitudes customers are looking for.
  10. Be part of something bigger. The biggest trade shows are often more than just a big hall full of products for visitors to buy. AMW aims to be a week-long celebration of Australia’s manufacturing industry. By signing up to take part, you align your brand with that industry. It’s hard to put a value on something like that. But for the price of a stand, it could be a great deal.


Australian Manufacturing Week provides you with a chance to present your products and services to some of Australia’s most influential customers.  AMTIL prides itself on the high calibre of visitors that it attracts to its events. Key decision makers such as company owners, directors and general managers make up a large portion of the total visitor numbers to recent AMTIL exhibitions.

It is anticipated that visitors from the following industries will attend Australian Manufacturing Week 2022.










General Engineering/Manufacturing



Machinery & Equipment



Materials Handling & Warehousing


Metalworking & Tooling

METS (Mining Equipment, Technology & Services)




Plastics & Rubber Manufacturing

Process Control & Instrumentation


Research & Development

Sheet Metal Working



Wood Products/Pulp/Paper


Visit AMW website to see all the Product Zones – https://australianmanufacturingweek.com.au/#product-zones

Stand Type SQM Loyal Member Standard Member Non-Member


Space Only 54sqm and over $375 p/sqm $405 p/sqm $475 p/sqm
Shell Scheme 54sqm and over $445 p/sqm $475 p/sqm $545 p/sqm
Space Only Under 54 sqm $405 p/sqm $435 p/sqm $505 p/sqm


Shell Scheme Under 54 sqm $475 p/sqm $505 p/sqm $575 p/sqm


*GST of 10% will be added to stand costs when invoiced.

Loyal Member: Any AMTIL member with 2+ years of continued Membership.

Standard Member: Any AMTIL member with less than 2 years of continued Membership.

(Acceptance of membership is conditional upon applicants meeting the terms and conditions as stated in the special resolution of the constitution of the Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited.)

For more information on becoming an AMTIL member visit www.amtil.com.au/membership

Space Only is defined as
– Bare floor ready for your unique plans

Shell Scheme is defined as

– Walling: Side and rear walls as required, or a small walled structure on an island stand
– Signage: choice of two options (overhead fascia or free-standing column)
– Flooring: Carpet Tiles (grey)
– Lighting: spotlights on walls or fascia
– 1 x 240V Power Point

Additional Package Inclusions
– Comprehensive Online Exhibitor Manual
– Visitor Information Tracker
– Company Listing in Official Visitor Guide Catalogue
– Water and Compressed Air Connection (bookings essential)
– Electricity Consumption
– Exhibitor Information Pack
– Lunch for Exhibitors during Move-in
– Swarf Bins
– Provision and Removal of Cutting Fluids (bookings essential)
– Stand Cleaning
– Meeting Room Facilities (bookings essential)
– Fork Lifts (up to 10 tonne)
– Testing and tagging of appliances and accessories to meet venue requirements
– Exhibitor Lounge access

Payment Terms

A deposit of 10% is required upon booking your stand.
A second payment of 45% is due by 29th October 2021.
The final payment is due by 12th February 2022.

Harry the Hirer is the official stand build supplier for Australian Manufacturing Week and Austech. View the standard build package options here.

For further information or to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote, please contact:

03 9429 6666
81-95 Burnley Street
Richmond VIC 3121
+61 3 9429 6666

Audio Visual Official Contractor
Harry the Hirer
w: www.harrythehirer.com.au
c: Travis Wall
e: travisw@harrythehirer.com.au
m: +61 425 781 166

Banner Rigging Official Contractor
Harry the Hirer
w: www.harrythehirer.com.au
c: Travis Wall
e: travisw@harrythehirer.com.au
m: +61 425 781 166

Carpet/Flooring Official Contractor
Harry the Hirer
w: www.harrythehirer.com.au
c: Roger Motteram
e: rogerm@harrythehirer.com.au
M: +61 499 222 218

Custom Stand Contractor
Harry the Hirer
w: www.harrythehirer.com.au
c: Roger Motteram
e: rogerm@harrythehirer.com.au
M: +61 499 222 218

Furniture Official Contractor
Harry the Hirer
w: www.harrythehirer.com.au
c: Roger Motteram
e: rogerm@harrythehirer.com.au
M: +61 499 222 218

Lighting and Power Official Contractor
Harry the Hirer
w: www.harrythehirer.com.au
c: Travis Wall
e: travisw@harrythehirer.com.au
m: +61 425 781 166

Plumbing Official Contractor
F Wood & Sons
w: www.fwoodplumbing.com.au
e: admin@fwoodplumbing.com.au
p: +61 3 9459 6628

Walling/Shell Scheme Official Contractor
Harry the Hirer
w: www.harrythehirer.com.au
c: Roger Motteram
e: rogerm@harrythehirer.com.au
M: +61 499 222 218

Exhibitors looking for additional or custom signage for their stand may wish to consider the following recommended suppliers:

Harry the Hirer
w: www.harrythehirer.com.au
c: Roger Motteram
e: rogerm@harrythehirer.com.au
m: +61 499 222 218

w: www.signex.com.au
c: John Roberts
e: john@signex.com.au
m: 0418 886 688

Australian Manufacturing Week will be held at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne Australia

Access to Stands

For security reasons, exhibitors will not be permitted access to their stands outside the build up / pull down and exhibition open hours unless arrangements have been made with AMTIL. When on-site please visit the Organiser’s Office to let event management know if you plan to arrive early or leave late during the exhibition

Access to Venue

Access into the halls during move-in and move-out is via the loading dock. Accessed from Normanby Road, Southbank and located at the rear of the Exhibition Centre, this loading dock runs the full length of the building. Traffic on the dock flows in one direction. A 30-minute parking limit applies for drop-off/pick-up of goods during the move-in/move-out process.

Vehicles are not permitted to park on either loading dock at any time. Vehicles will not be admitted to the loading dock during exhibition hours unless special arrangements have been made with AMTIL.

The Melbourne Exhibition Centre Loading Dock is a Self-Servicing loading Dock.  No goods will be accepted on behalf of exhibitors by the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.  Goods must not be sent to the Loading Dock before the scheduled times for the move-in of your exhibition and must be collected by the end of the official move-out time. There is no storage for exhibitors at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

Access to the exhibition halls is from 8 am daily. For security reasons exhibitors will not be permitted access to their stands outside the move-in, move-out and exhibition open hours unless arrangements have been made with AMTIL.

Stands demonstrating large machines will receive a more detailed move-in schedule arranged through the freight forwarding contractor. This will be distributed closer to the event date and will contain specific times for move-in.


Canvassing or soliciting for business by non-exhibitors or unauthorised personnel is strictly prohibited. Persons engaging in these activities will be asked to leave the exhibition venue. Please report instances of this activity to AMTIL at their onsite Customer Service Centre.

Care of Exhibition Venue

No attachment, fitting, fixture or defacement is to be made to the flooring, ceilings or the internal or external walls of the building.  Display material of any kind is not to be affixed to or hung from the walls nor is any ladder or other device whatsoever to be affixed to or suspended from any overhead wiring without the prior written consent from the Organisers.  No nail, screw or other device is to be driven into, nor are holes to be bored into any pillar or other part of the building.

Ceiling, Doorway Heights & Widths

Ceiling height – clear height below air conditioning ducts in the hall is 11.5m.  Entry doors from the loading bays are roller doors with a clear opening of 7m high x 8m wide.


As trade fairs are BUSINESS EVENTS, and based upon attitudes expressed from past research, children under the age of 14 years will not be admitted into the exhibition unless under the strict supervision of a parent.  Student groups will only be allowed entry by prior arrangement with the organiser. During move-in and move-out no children are permitted on the loading dock or in the exhibition halls whatsoever. Children who arrive on the loading dock will be required to remain in a vehicle with adult supervision.

Exhibits Requiring Approval

Exhibitor displays that include helium balloons or naked flames as part of their exhibit are required to submit a proposal in writing to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Exhibitor Services department at exservices@mcec.com.au  briefly outlining the purpose of the display and how it will be used. Please refer to the following procedures as a guideline.

Helium Balloons

Exhibitors planning to use helium balloons as part of their exhibit are required to obtain approval. All balloons must be securely tethered to the stand. Charges apply to retrieve loose balloons from the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre ceiling.

Naked Flame

Any activity requiring the use of a naked flame including but not limited to candles and cooking demonstrations require approval from the event organiser prior to the event. A Fire Warden may also be required, please liaise with you event organiser to discuss any applicable charges.

Gas cylinders

Exhibitors requiring the use of gas cylinders must submit full details to their event organiser at least seven days prior to their event. Each application will be assessed by the event organiser for approval and to confirm if there is adequate storage available at MCEC. Gas cylinders delivered on-site may be refused if the delivery was made without prior approval or if the representative of the exhibition stand is not present to accept the cylinders.

LPG cylinders shall not exceed 9kg in size with a maximum of two per 3m x 3m stand. The installation and use of gas appliances and gas cylinders shall be undertaken in accordance with the relevant acts, regulations and Australian Standards as amended from time to time.

Storage of LPG cylinders

All LPG cylinders and flammable liquids need to be removed from the exhibition area overnight and stored in the gas cage in the Exhibition Centre Loading Dock. The exhibitor is responsible for moving the cylinders to and from the gas cage in conjunction with the MCEC Log.

 Please contact AMTIL Head of Events Kim Banks at kbanks@amtil.com.au for further information or assistance.

Stands requiring additional safety precautions

Should your exhibit feature any of the items listed below please contact AMTIL for further information on the safety steps you may need to take, or written approvals that you may need to gain:

  • A second storey: Certification by an engineer is required for stands of two storeys or more where the second or subsequent storey will be occupied.
  • A solid ceiling or roof area more than 18 square metres.
  • A structure more than 3 metres high.
  • A motor vehicle.
  • Dangerous Goods as listed in the Dangerous Goods (Storage and Handling) Regulations 2000.
  • A discharge of noxious waste.
  • Lighting lower than 2.2 metres above floor level.

All portable light fittings used in the MCEC are required to have Certificate of Approval or Suitability from an Australian or New Zealand Electrical Safety Regulator.

Fire Regulations

Proposals to use flammable gas and/or naked flames on any exhibit must be approved in writing by the Venue Management at least one month prior to the first day of move-in.

Flammable liquids may be used as part of an exhibit display within certain guidelines approved by the Venue Management.

Fire extinguishers and venue firefighting equipment must be visible and accessible at all times and must not be removed from their correct location. Display stands / materials must not obscure or hinder access to firefighting equipment. Should the construction of a stand create a potential smoke lock area or create an area not serviceable by the existing sprinkler systems, the Venue Management may require the exhibitor to install a smoke detection or sprinkler system, emergency and exit lighting and exit systems on their stand.

First Aid

The Centre has first aid supplies situated in each hall. A fully equipped First Aid Room is located on site and first aid trained staff can be contacted through any house phone, or by contacting any security officer. 

Floor Loading

Floor Loadings: 20kpa or two tonnes per square metre. The floor slab can be used to support significant applied loads provided certain limitations are applied.

Food and Beverage Sampling

MCEC has sole catering rights for the sale and/or distribution of any food or beverage product that will be consumed on-site. Use of any external food and beverage provision including sampling must be approved by both the event organiser and MCEC in writing prior to the event, and external supply charges may be applicable. Anyone without prior approval will be unable to provide food or beverage onsite.

The Centre reserves the right to remove any food and beverage not authorised by the Centre. The Centre can assist exhibitors with any requirements for hospitality.

Move-out Etiquette/Information

To provide a smooth and safe move out for all exhibitors and contractors the following move out plan has been implemented. Exhibitors are not permitted to dismantle stands / remove merchandise / or remove boxes from the storage area prior to the official closing of the exhibition at 4pm on the last day of the event. Further instructions on the move-out process will be issued to all exhibitors during the exhibition.

 Smoking Policy

The Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre is a non-smoking venue.

Stand Catering

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre has the sole catering rights to all food and beverage products.  Exhibitors are not permitted to bring food and beverage into the MCEC from outside sources.

Displaying Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles (including Electric and hybrid cars) that come on-site for display at events require prior approval from MCEC and must adhere to the safety guidelines below:

  • Vehicles in exhibitions cannot be started and run without prior permission from MCEC.
  • Flooring must be protected by drip trays under each vehicle.
  • Under no circumstances is fuel to be decanted or vehicles filled in the Loading Docks or within MCEC.
  • Ignition keys are not to be left in the vehicle and are to be strictly controlled by the exhibitor during the exhibition.
  • Every car must have at least 1 x 2.3kg, A:B:(E) dry powder extinguishers mounted in a prominent location in accordance with relevant Australian Standards.
  • All vehicle bump in/out must be discussed with the event organiser and approved by MCEC.
  • The motor vehicle fuel filter cap must be either sealed or secured to prevent the easy removal of the fuel cap by unauthorised persons.

Motor vehicles powered by flammable gas (LPG) may be displayed under the following conditions:

  • LPG powered motor vehicles must have their systems fitted in accordance with relevant Australian Standards for LPG gas fuel systems for vehicle engines.

Please contact AMTIL Head of Events Kim Banks at kbanks@amtil.com.au if you wish to display a vehicle on your stand.

 Stand Design

As a general rule the MCEC Operations or Logistics Manager will endeavour to inspect all stands to ensure that they are safe and do not pose a hazard to any user at MCEC. MCEC reserves the right to request modification or close any stand which is deemed to be a safety hazard.

Custom stand plans and upgrades will need to be approved by the organiser. For more in-depth information around Stand Design please refer to the MCEC Operations Manual here or liaise with the event organiser directly.

Stand materials

  • Must not cause dampness, stain or be readily ignitable.
  • Must not be capable of emitting toxic fumes should ignition occur.
  • Crepe paper, corrugated cardboard, straw, hay, untreated hessian, untreated material fabrics or PVC sheet (except on floors as a protective membrane) requires prior approval from MCEC.
  • Sawdust, tan bark or wood chips of reasonable size may be used to decorate floors, with the
  • below considerations:
  • A protective membrane is laid first and chips are kept slightly moist at all times.
  • A fire extinguisher must be provided by the exhibitor and be placed in a prominent location on the stand.
  • Any fabric used in the construction or decoration of a stand, including the stand ceiling, must be treated with a fire retardant. MCEC will require proof of treatment.
  • Moving machinery or equipment likely to injure a member of the public or a swimming pool or spa containing water, must be separated from the public by a physical barrier and supervised at all times.
  • Fountains, aquariums, spas, rock pools and swimming pools can be displayed, provided suitable provisions are made to prevent water leakage onto the floor.
  • No core drilling or fixing into any floor or wall is permitted.

Stand height

Any stand with a height greater than 2.4m or stands designed to support weight other than light advertising material are required to be certified safe by a relevant, qualified engineer and stand drawings supplied to the organiser for approval by the venue.

Stand flooring

Flooring that is between 32mm and 115mm high requires a bevelled edge which does not exceed an angle of 30 degrees or a grading of 1:1.4. This bevelled edge is to be incorporated within the stand space and not encroach into the aisle.

All flooring that exceeds 115mm in height is deemed to be a step. If the stand is to be occupied by the general public or exhibition attendees, a ramp must be provided within the allocated stand space.

Stand visibility

MCEC requires all stands to be open for visual inspection at all times.

No stands are to be covered or blocked by fabric or material at any time as this can be a fire safety hazard.

MCEC will conduct regular stand visual safety inspections and need to be able to sight the stand build.

 Stand Operation Guidelines

All stands must be fully staffed, operational and exhibits displayed to visitors during the open times of the exhibition. The exhibitor may not undertake, or cause to be undertaken, any activity which, in the opinion of AMTIL, is likely to cause any annoyance to visitors or other exhibitors.  In particular, audiovisual display equipment must be positioned and the sound level so adjusted as to comply with these requirements.  All activities of exhibitors and their staff must be confined to the stand site allocated.  No advertising or canvassing for business may take place elsewhere in the exhibition area. Exhibitors are asked to familiarise themselves with the AMW terms and conditions to ensure they adhere to these guidelines during the exhibition.

Unless otherwise arranged with AMTIL, all items required for exhibiting purposes must be delivered before the show opens or after the show closes each day.

Stand Perimeter

All display material, furniture and selling aids must be kept within the perimeter of your stand.

Sub-Letting of Exhibition Space

No exhibitor is allowed to sub-let or allocate space on their stand to another company without prior consent from AMTIL. Non-approved exhibits will be asked to remove their displays from the exhibition.

 Testing & Tagging

Every piece of electrical equipment that is brought on-site must be tested and tagged in accordance with AS/NZS 3760 prior to use. Electricians will be available on site during move in to test leads and cables.

Exhibitors must ensure that all loose cables are secured to avoid tripping hazards.


Under no circumstances may exhibitors nail or screw any article or display to the stand walls which may damage the walls. Any damage caused to panels will be charged to the exhibitor.

Washing & Disposal Area

Under no circumstances may the toilet areas of the building be used for obtaining water, disposing of unwanted waste or washing of paintbrushes etc.  Provision will be made inside the exhibition area for exhibitor’s wash and disposal areas.

Water, Waste, Gas and Compressed Air

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to arrange connection from the service pit to equipment.  AMTIL will provide a licenced plumber on site to assist with connections as necessary. Please pre-book your plumbing requirements using the order form in the exhibitor manual. Please book early to avoid last minute bookings made on site during move-in process. Late bookings result in delays for all exhibitors.

Melbourne Exhibition Centre Fittings

Cold water and waste systems are provided for use by exhibitors with outlets in each of the primary floor pits.  Water is provided at a flow rate of 0.3 L/s in each primary floor pit and a waste outlet with a discharge rate of 6 L/s is also provided.  If water is required at a greater flow rate, the operator may connect to more than one service pit, i.e. use two or three hoses.

Exhibitors requiring hose connections for water will need to provide a pressure hose (domestic garden hoses are not permitted) and a (15mm) ½” female threaded BSP fitting. A drain with grate is provided in the primary service pits. To connect to waste disposal exhibitors require a 40mm diameter BSP female socket.

To connect to compressed air supply, exhibitors require a 15mm (½”) male connector to match a 15mm (female outlet) ball valve.  Compressed air is of normal industrial quality. Regulators, filters and lubricators are to be provided by the exhibitor as required.  The MCEC can provide 25L/s (normal air @ 02-3C, 7 Bar pressure) to any 5000 sqm, exhibition space.  Should a larger flow rate be required please contact Kim Banks at kbanks@amtil.com.au

Working Demonstrations

All working machinery must have hand protection equipment erected to conform to the Health Commission and Occupational Health & Safety regulations. Demonstration staff must also be fitted with personal protection equipment. Those exhibitors who will have machinery operating and require removal of finished products from the venue should contact the Organisers to make special arrangements. Any excessive amounts of waste material must also be removed periodically from the exhibition site in order to comply with fire regulations.

Plant and equipment

All plant and equipment, including electrical tools brought into MCEC, must be adequately constructed, and fitted with any safety devices required by state and federal laws.

Machinery must be used only for its intended function.

Machinery requiring foundations must be mounted on appropriate bases.

Core drilling or fixing into the floor is not permitted.

Operation of plant and equipment

Plant and equipment operators must carry a current WorkSafe Victoria Licence to perform high-risk work, or a national equivalent in the relevant class.

MCEC reserves the right to request evidence of competency at any time. All plant operators must comply with relevant standard operating procedures required by state or federal laws or regulations and must abide by any instructions made by MCEC.

Space Only is defined as

– Bare floor ready for your unique plans

Shell Scheme is defined as

– Walling: Side and rear walls as required, or a small walled structure on an island stand
– Signage: choice of two options (overhead fascia or free-standing column)
– Flooring: Carpet Tiles (grey)
– Lighting: spotlights on walls or fascia
– 1 x 240V Power Point

Additional Package Inclusions for all exhibitors
– Comprehensive Online Exhibitor Manual
– Visitor Information Tracker
– Company Listing in Official Visitor Guide Catalogue
– Water and Compressed Air Connection (bookings essential)
– Electricity Consumption
– Exhibitor Information Pack
– Lunch for Exhibitors during Move-in
– Swarf Bins
– Provision and Removal of Cutting Fluids (bookings essential)
– Stand Cleaning
– Meeting Room Facilities (bookings essential)
– Fork Lifts (up to 10 tonne)
– Testing and tagging of appliances and accessories to meet venue requirements
– Exhibitor Lounge access

The Melbourne Exhibition Centre Exhibitor Services team is available to help you deliver a successful exhibition stand at Australian Manufacturing Week and Austech 2022.

Exhibitor Services and Stand Catering information can be found here.

You can contact the Exhibitor Services team on:

Telephone: +61 3 9235 8110
Email: exservices@mcec.com.au

AMW organisers work to ensure all scrap metal from the exhibition is recycled. Swarf bins are emptied regularly and are included in the exhibitor package in the following sizes.

Small Swarf Bin – 120 litre – 48cm x 92cm**
Large Swarf Bin – 240 litre – 58cm x 1.08cm

**preferred size due to weight when full

Please refer to your Exhibitor Dashboard for instructions on how to order your swarf bin(s).

All exhibitors must have Public Liability Insurance with a minimum of $10,000,000 in cover. Further details are outlined in the Exhibition Contract and Terms and conditions.

BMS Risk Services are available to quote on all your exhibition and business insurance needs. For assistance or a quote, please contact amtil@bmsgroup.com

Should you have more than one company represented on your stand, please advise Kim Banks from AMTIL on 0417 146 102 or email kbanks@amtil.com.au a minimum of eight weeks prior to the exhibition.

Please Note: sub-letting of your stand is not permitted without prior approval from the organisers.

Non-approved exhibits will be asked to remove their displays from the exhibition.

Unauthorised Directories – Organisations have been known to prey on our exhibitors requesting the confirmation of their data for a “free of charge” insertion in different on-line directories and catalogues. With the exception of staff from Map Your Show and AMTIL, these companies are absolutely not linked either to our exhibition or to the organisers or related contractors and they are not authorised to use our name or logos in any form whatsoever. Please pay careful attention to any commercial proposals received by companies such as: EVENT.FAIR, EVENTANDFAIR.ORG, EXPO GUIDE S.C., FAIRGUIDE.COM, EXPO-GUIDE.COM, 10times.com

Attendee Lists – we have noticed a lot more scammers approaching exhibitors over the past year offering to sell attendee/visitor lists to our events. Please note that this is a SCAM and we do not recommend engaging in any way. XPO Exhibitions do not on-sell our attendee data to any other party – therefore the Attendees List being offered is NOT legit.  We offer a phone or tablet Leads App at each of our Shows (to exhibitors only). These allow an exhibitor to capture contact data from attendees that consent to scanning their badge on your stand only.  If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us to clarify.

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This Privacy Policy sets out how AMTIL collects, stores, uses, and discloses personal information relating to Australian Manufacturing Week and its other products and services.