AMW Sydney 2022

Exhibitor Resources


Australian Manufacturing Week will be held at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney Australia from 7th to 10th June 2022.

Move In

Exhibitors will be provided with specific move in times depending on their set up requirements and their location within the exhibition halls.

Saturday 4th June – limited access for heavy lifts and custom stand builds
Sunday 5th June – limited access for heavy lifts and custom stand builds
Monday 6th June – general move in (8am – 8pm)

Expo Opening Times

Tuesday 7 June 2022: 10am – 5pm
Wednesday 8 June 2022: 10am – 5pm
Thursday 9 June 2022: 10am – 7pm
Friday 10 June 2022: 10am – 4pm

Move Out

Detailed move out instructions will be provided directly to all exhibitors via email.

Exhibitor News

For more information on special offers for AMW Exhibitors, please contact AMTIL Sales Manager Nicholas Raftopoulos

t: 03 8805 3504

Unauthorised Directories – Organisations have been known to prey on our exhibitors requesting the confirmation of their data for a “free of charge” insertion in different on-line directories and catalogues. With the exception of staff from Map Your Show and AMTIL, these companies are absolutely not linked either to our exhibition or to the organisers or related contractors and they are not authorised to use our name or logos in any form whatsoever. Please pay careful attention to any commercial proposals received by companies such as: EVENT.FAIR, EVENTANDFAIR.ORG, EXPO GUIDE S.C., FAIRGUIDE.COM, EXPO-GUIDE.COM,

Attendee Lists – We have noticed a lot more scammers approaching exhibitors over the past year offering to sell attendee/visitor lists to our events. Please note that this is a SCAM and we do not recommend engaging in any way. XPO Exhibitions do not on-sell our attendee data to any other party – therefore the Attendees List being offered is NOT legit.  We offer a phone or tablet Leads App at each of our Shows (to exhibitors only). These allow an exhibitor to capture contact data from attendees that consent to scanning their badge on your stand only. If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us to clarify.

Venue & Stand Information

Australian Manufacturing Week will be held at International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney, in Darling Harbour.

For security reasons, exhibitors will not be permitted access to their stands outside the build up / pull down and exhibition open hours unless arrangements have been made with AMTIL. When on-site please visit the Organiser’s Office to let event management know if you plan to arrive early or leave late during the exhibition

Loading Dock
Access into the halls during move-in and move-out is via the loading dock which is accessed via Darling Drive. Access to loading docks for contractors and exhibitors is carefully scheduled to ensure congestion at the service road entry and loading docks is minimised.

Movement of vehicles on the loading dock is strictly one way. Vehicles may remain on the loading dock for only 20 minutes unless prior arrangement has been made with the ICC Sydney event planner.

Abandoned vehicles or those exceeding the allotted unload time may be towed from site if they are hindering access to the loading area. Costs will apply.

The loading docks are NO PARKING zones.

The International Convention Centre (ICC) Loading Dock is a Self-Servicing loading Dock.  No goods will be accepted on behalf of exhibitors by the ICC.  Goods must not be sent to the Loading Dock before the scheduled times for the move-in of your exhibition and must be collected by the end of the official move-out time. There is no storage for exhibitors at the ICC.

Access to the exhibition halls is from 8 am daily. For security reasons exhibitors will not be permitted access to their stands outside the move-in, move-out and exhibition open hours unless prior arrangements have been made with AMTIL.

Stands demonstrating large machines will receive a more detailed move-in schedule arranged through the freight forwarding contractor. This will be distributed closer to the event date and will contain specific times for move-in.

ICC Sydney has two car park facilities located within the Exhibition Centre and Aware Super Theatre, comprising a total of 826 car spaces.

Access to the ICC car parks is via 14 Darling Drive, Sydney, NSW 2022.
The ICC car park height is 2.1m,
Trailers are not permitted in the ICC car parks.

Additionally, there are secure car parks located in and around Darling Harbour, including Wilson Harbourside Car Park and Wilson Darling Square Car Park.

Canvassing or soliciting for business by non-exhibitors or unauthorised personnel is strictly prohibited. Persons engaging in these activities will be asked to leave the exhibition venue. Please report instances of this activity to AMTIL at their onsite Customer Service Centre.

ICC Sydney provides world class facilities for the enjoyment of its patrons. These facilities are to be treated with due care at all times to maintain their condition.

Permission is required for all attachments, fittings or detachments to the interior or exterior walls, floors, ceiling, or columns of the building. This includes any equipment or device that could be affixed to, or suspended from any structure of the building, and attachments that could damage any surface or structure in the building.

Even with the best intentions accidents can still happen. Replacement and/or repair costs resulting from damage to any of ICC Sydney’s facilities caused by the client, it’s representatives (such as staff, contractors, sub-contractors, service providers and agents) or exhibitors, will be assessed and may be chargeable.

No core drilling or fixing into any floor or wall is permitted.

Ceiling height – clear height below air conditioning ducts in the hall is 10.5m.

The safety of all visitors to the venue is ICC Sydney’s primary concern. During move in and move out periods, children under the age of 15 years are not permitted in the venue or the loading docks. Children who arrive on the loading dock will be required to remain in a vehicle with adult supervision.

At all other times children under the age of 15 years must be strictly supervised by an adult in all areas within the venue.

Student groups will only be allowed entry by prior arrangement with the organiser.

Deliveries and freight shipments are only permitted to arrive at ICC Sydney from Saturday 4th June 2022.

Correct labelling is important to prevent delays and returns. To assist with courier deliveries, please use ICC Sydney Exhibitor Delivery Label available in the Exhibitor Dashboard.

ICC Sydney is not able to accept delivery of any goods on behalf of clients or exhibitors, nor is the venue responsible for the safety of items delivered to the venue. Please ensure that your representative or service contractor is present.

All electrical wiring must be conducted by the approved AMW Electrical Contractor, Harry the Hirer. All power requirements can be ordered via the Exhibitor Dashboard.

Electrical wiring is defined as the actual physical work of installing, repairing, altering, removing or adding to an electrical installation, or the supervision of that work. For licensing purposes, it is defined in the Home Building Act 1989, with the same meaning as in the Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2004.

Access to floor pits and trenches for the installation of sub-mains cables, piped services and data and telecommunication services is limited to ICC Sydney staff and Harry the Hirer. All pits, pit lids, bungs, and trenches must be returned to their original orientation at the completion of the event.

Helium Balloons
Exhibitors planning to use helium balloons as part of their exhibit are required to obtain approval. All balloons must be securely tethered to the stand. Charges apply to retrieve loose balloons from the ICC Sydney ceiling.

Naked Flame
Permission is required for the use of naked flames or candles.

Naked flames or candles can feature in a stand or booth if they are part of the product range or used for product demonstration. Ensure naked flames are safely positioned and cannot be knocked over or come into contact with any person or flammable item. All cloth and materials in close proximity to the candle or lit item are to be fire retardant. A fire extinguisher is required on the stand or booth and ICC Sydney may place a limit on the number of candles.

Flames are to be extinguished 15 minutes prior to the stand being vacated at the end of the day. It is a basic safety precaution not to leave a stand unattended while candles are alight.

Naked flames also include indoor/outdoor fire places, ethanol burners, BBQ’s, Gas heaters, fire pits etc. used as decorative homeware and entertaining.

Please see the Naked Flames Permit Form in the Exhibitor Dashboard.

Gas cylinders
Exhibitors requiring the use of gas cylinders must submit full details to their event organiser at least seven days prior to their event.

Storage of LPG cylinders
Storage of LPG cylinders is permitted in the exhibition centre’s dedicated storage cages only. Overnight storage within the exhibition halls is not permitted.

Use of LPG for exhibition displays requires ICC Sydney’s permission. Hazardous substances are to be clearly labelled and stored. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are required for all hazardous materials brought to the venue.

Please see the Hazardous Substances and LPG Permit Form in the Exhibitor Dashboard.

Displaying Motor Vehicles
In the interests of public safety and security, exhibitors planning to include a vehicle on their stand are requested to comply with the following:

– Place a drip tray underneath vehicle.
– Ensure that vehicles carry no more than 5 litres of fuel (not including fuel that may be present in the fuel line and engine). Lock/seal fuel tanks to prevent removal by third parties.
– For vehicles fuelled by ethanol, methanol or nitro methane, the fuel tanks must be completely empty/purged.
– Provide contact details for the person/s delivering and collecting the vehicles.
– When vehicles are displayed on ICC Sydney flooring, carpet is required to be placed under tyres.
– Do not leave keys with the vehicle; a second set is to be provided to venue security in case of emergency.
– The location of the vehicle shall not obstruct, or block exits.
– The vehicle must not be started or operated during the exhibition.

Please complete and return the Vehicle Display Permit Form in the Exhibitor Dashboard.

Working Demonstrations
Exhibitors must ensure that any plant and equipment brought onto site is appropriately maintained and compliant.

ICC Sydney requires current certificates of inspection for certain types of equipment prior to the event.

It is important to ensure that all machinery is fitted with guarding, fencing, immobilisation locks and other safety devices. Demonstration staff must also be fitted with personal protection equipment.

Moving machinery or equipment likely to injure a member of the public must be separated from the public by a physical barrier and supervised at all times.

Those exhibitors who will have machinery operating and require removal of finished products from the venue should contact the Organisers to make special arrangements. Any excessive amounts of waste material must also be removed periodically from the exhibition site in order to comply with fire regulations.

Working at Heights
When working at heights, workers are to comply with the requirements of the WHS Act 2011, WHS Regulation 2011, and Code of Practice: Managing the risk of falls at workplaces 2016 and relevant Australian Standards.

The WHS Regulation 2011 requires certain measures be taken to control the risks associated with working at heights. Clause 78 and 79 specifies requirements to minimise falls.

The control measures in order are:

– providing a fall prevention device (such as a secure fence, edge protection or working platform), if it is reasonably practicable to do so, or

– if it is not reasonably practicable to provide a fall prevention device, providing a work positioning system.

Please see the Working at Heights Permit Form in the Exhibitor Dashboard.

Plant and Equipment

All plant and equipment, including electrical tools brought into ICC Sydney, must be adequately constructed, and fitted with any safety devices required by state and federal laws.

Machinery must be used only for its intended function.

Machinery requiring foundations must be mounted on appropriate bases.

Core drilling or fixing into the floor is not permitted.

Permits or approvals are also required for the following displays.

– custom stand plans
– food and beverage sampling
– hazardous substances and LPG
– laser use
– material handling equipment/elevated work platform delivery
– working at heights
– welding/hot works.
– a structure more than 3 metres high.
– a second storey: (Certification by an engineer is required for stands of two storeys or more where the second or subsequent storey will be occupied).
– a solid ceiling or roof area more than 18 square metres.

Please refer to the Exhibitor Dashboard. for all permit forms.

Please contact AMTIL Head of Events Kim Banks at for further information.

A mandatory emergency response briefing is held prior to every event.

Fire extinguishers, manual fire pull stations, fire hose connections and automated external defibrillators

(AED’s) may not be obstructed at any time. Similarly, stairs, escape paths and emergency exits should remain clear.

A fully equipped first aid centre is located at the ground level of the convention centre. Additional first aid rooms are located on level two of the exhibition centre, ground floor back of house of the Theatre and level two of the Theatre. These rooms are manned during event operational hours.

Security and risk personnel are trained as first responders in fire/safety and first aid emergencies including the use of on-site defibrillators. In the event of a medical emergency, the venue’s first aid attendants will be on hand to implement procedures and contact external agencies as required.

The venue’s security and risk officers are required to complete an ICC Sydney incident report for each person treated. This includes those treated by the event-dedicated paramedics.

The first aid provider should notify security as soon as possible if a person requires medical treatment.

Floor Loadings: 20kpa or two tonnes per square metre. The floor slab can be used to support significant applied loads provided certain limitations are applied.

All exhibitors must have Public Liability Insurance with a minimum of $10,000,000 in cover. Further details are outlined in the Exhibition Contract and Terms and conditions.

BMS Risk Services are available to quote on all your exhibition and business insurance needs.

For assistance or a quote, please contact

Saturday 4th June – limited access for heavy lifts and custom stand builds
Sunday 5th June – limited access for heavy lifts and custom stand builds
Monday 6th June – general move in (8am – 8pm)

A detailed move in schedule will be developed for Australian Manufacturing Week taking in to account all construction and lifting requirements. Please do not assume you can move in on a particular day until this is confirmed by the organisers.

Due to Occupational Health and Safety requirements the following regulations must be adhered to for move in and move out of the exhibition.

  1. a) Fully enclosed shoes must be worn during move in and move out.
  2. b) Children (under 15 years of age) are NOT allowed onsite during the move in move out process.

c) High visibility clothing is compulsory for all exhibitors during move in and move out. High Vis vests are available for loan from Australian Manufacturing Week organisers at the venue.

To provide a smooth and safe move out for all exhibitors and contractors a detailed move out plan will be implemented. Exhibitors are not permitted to dismantle stands / remove merchandise / or remove boxes from the storage area prior to the official closing of the exhibition at 4pm on the last day of the event. Further instructions on the move-out process will be issued to all exhibitors during the exhibition.

Floor services in the exhibition halls are provided via a pit and trench network. Please order all your power, air and water requirements via the Exhibitor Dashboard.

It is important to replace service pit covers immediately after connections are done to ensure safety. Whilst pit covers are removed and work is being carried out on an open pit, hazard identification must be used. Substituting metal covers with other material is not permissible.

Access to floor pits and trenches for the installation of mains supply cables, piped services and data and telecommunication services is limited to ICC Sydney staff or the authorised official main exhibition contractor.

ICC Sydney – including all indoor and outdoor spaces – is a no-smoking zone. This applies to use of electronic cigarettes and vaporisers. All requirements outlined in Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 and the Smoke-free Environment Regulation 2016 apply.

Custom or upgraded stands must be approved by the organiser and the venue. This includes exhibits with:
– A structure more than 3 metres high.
– a second storey: Certification by an engineer is required for stands of two storeys or more where the second or subsequent storey will be occupied.
– a solid ceiling or roof area more than 18 square metres.

Please complete the Custom Stand Plans Permit in the Exhibitor Dashboard.
Please send completed permit form and drawings of your custom or upgraded stand plan to no less than 6 weeks prior to the exhibition.

Stand or Booth Construction
ICC Sydney requires temporary structures built for exhibitions or events to comply with relevant legislation and are constructed with utmost concern for the safety of the public, employees and contractors.

Due to fire engineering restrictions, the maximum permissible stand height is five (5) metres.

To meet fire safety and National Construction Code (NCC) requirements, please pay careful attention to the following:

– A stand with a roof or ceiling is required to provide additional fire protection equipment, such as a smoke detector and portable CO2 or dry chemical extinguisher.
– Where halogen tube lights are used, ensure the globe unit is protected with safety glass to minimise the risk of explosion and fire.
– All temporary spot lights or the like are to be a minimum of 300mm from the partitions or combustible goods.
– Any custom-built stand with a floor area of more than fifty (50) square metres is to be provided with at least one (1) alternative means of egress to the walkways.
– Doors built into a stand need to comply with the requirements of an exit door i.e. open outwards with a push bar or lever handle.
– Any door incorporated into the stand and not providing an alternative means of egress is to have a NO THOROUGHFARE sign affixed.
– Barriers incorporated into a custom-built stand are to be designed so that they yield to pressure without toppling.
– A maximum average fuel load height of 5m is permitted from ground level to its highest point for the lower exhibition halls e.g. it is acceptable for lighting, cables and lightweight banners to be located at high level near the trusses but not densely stacked combustible products and stands. All custom stand plans require approval from ICC Sydney prior to construction.
– Double storey stands require an engineer’s certificate prior to construction and an Engineer’s signoff once constructed to ensure compliance with certification.

Stand Design
Important considerations for a safety-conscious stand design include the following:

– Structures must not halls do not exceed 5m in height.
– Strict compliance with the National Construction Code 2016 (NCC) and all other relevant Australian Standards.
– Procedures are in place for safely erecting and dismantling the stand once on site, within the allocated time frame.
– Stand dimensions fit the allocated space with sufficient clearance.
– Materials used for stand construction comply with fire hazard properties set out in the NCC 2016.
– ICC Sydney will request submission of all information or documentation confirming the retardant capabilities of the materials.
– Use materials that do not cause dampness, stain, not readily ignitable or capable of emitting toxic fumes in case of ignition.
– All two storey custom stands will require an engineer’s certification on completion.
– Plywood, hardwood, pulp board or fibreboard are to be rendered flame-resistant by a process deemed acceptable by fire authorities.
– When decorating or theming, materials such as crepe paper, corrugated cardboard, straw, hay bales, untreated hessian or PVC sheet (except on floors as a protective membrane) are not to be used without prior ICC Sydney approval.
– Sawdust, tan bark or wood chips of a reasonable size may be used to decorate floors, provided a protective membrane is laid first and chips are kept slightly moist at all times. Cleaning charges will apply.


Stand materials
The use of combustible materials such as plastics, paper, foam and thin strips of timber should be limited and generally confined for decorative purposes. Their use should be kept to a minimum and not used for general wall covering.

Overhead fabric materials used as stand covers, canopies, or used as curtains or draperies, must be permeable to water.

Please ensure that materials used for lining, drapes, backdrops, blinds or overhead structures, signs, banners, theming, temporary structures, or similar for displays are fire retardant as per the methods defined in AS/NZS 1530.3:1999. ICC Sydney may require documentation confirming the fire-retardant capabilities of the materials.

Ceiling Height
It is recommended that exhibition booths considering a covered ceiling use materials that are water permeable. If design or stored stands require a non-water permeable ceiling please submit your plans for review.

Please note that each non-water permeable ceiling will be considered on a case by case basis. Stands with non-water permeable ceilings as a minimum must be fitted with an automatic battery backup smoke detector and CO2 or dry powder fire extinguisher. ICC Sydney reserves the right to request automatic dry powder extinguishers in addition to aforementioned for any stand it deems necessary.

Note all two storey stands are deemed to have a ceiling.

For all enclosed areas, with or without a non-water permeable ceiling, which are intended for the storage of goods or for the installation of electrical services (i.e. distribution box etc.), a portable dry powder or CO2 type fire extinguisher is required within the enclosed area. The fire extinguisher must have an indicator sign and remain accessible at all times.

Based on the above, if an electrical/storage closet has a non-water permeable ceiling but is less than 9m2, a portable powder type or Co2 fire extinguisher is required.

Raised floor, steps and ramps
Stand construction and access must be constructed as per the requirements outlined in the National Construction Code 2016 (NCC). The following is a summary of additional requirements, which must be met by designers and builders to ensure adequate access, mobility and to reduce the likelihood of slip and trip incidents:

All raised floor sections or ramped edges are to be free of sharp or dangerous edges and anything that poses a trip hazard.

Edges of thin decorative flooring such as carpet, vinyl, matting, wood or the like, are to be taped down or firmly secured.

Raised floors under 115mm in height
Ensure all raised floors with a height of less than 115mm have a clearly distinguishable ramped edge.

To prevent trip hazards on standard 32mm high raised floors, ramped edging with a gradient no less than 1:3 is generally acceptable in the exhibition industry; however, please note that a 1:3 ramped edge does not constitute a disabled access ramp, For raised floors above 32mm and below 115mm it is recommended that the gradient of the ramped edging be decreased to 1:8.

All ramped edges are contained within the contracted space.

Stairs and ladders
All steps and stairways must comply with the requirements of AS 1657 or the National Construction Code.

Ladders are to comply with AS/NZS 1892.5:2000 Portable ladders – Selection, safe use and care.

Stand visibility
The exhibition organiser requires all stands to be open for visual inspection at all times.
Please submit a risk assessment and Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) to support any Hot Works permit application.

Permit application forms can be found in the Exhibitor Dashboard.

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre has the sole catering rights to all food and beverage products.  Exhibitors are not permitted to bring food and beverage into the MCEC from outside sources.

ICC Sydney provides a wide variety of food and beverage services, from refreshment breaks to on-stand catering. All catering must be organised through the ICC Sydney.

ICC Sydney is also a fully licensed venue and reserves the right to supply alcoholic beverages for any event. All alcoholic beverages must be purchased from ICC Sydney and consumed within the venue.

If the sale of take-away alcohol is a feature of a consumer show, the venue will consider to apply to the Office of Liquor and Gaming to vary its liquor licenced areas to allow a Trade Fair Licence to be applied.

All stands must be fully staffed, operational and exhibits displayed to visitors during the open times of the exhibition. The exhibitor may not undertake, or cause to be undertaken, any activity which, in the opinion of AMTIL, is likely to cause any annoyance to visitors or other exhibitors.  In particular, audiovisual display equipment must be positioned and the sound level so adjusted as to comply with these requirements.

All activities of exhibitors and their staff must be confined to the stand site allocated.  No advertising or canvassing for business may take place elsewhere in the exhibition area.

Exhibitors are asked to familiarise themselves with the AMW terms and conditions to ensure they adhere to these guidelines during the exhibition.

Unless otherwise arranged with AMTIL, all items required for exhibiting purposes must be delivered before the show opens or after the show closes each day.

All display material, furniture and selling aids must be kept within the perimeter of your stand.

Harry the Hirer is the official stand build supplier for Australian Manufacturing Week.

Space Only is defined as:

Bare floor ready for your unique plans.

NB: Exhibitors who chose Space Only are responsible for sourcing their own carpet/flooring.

Shell Scheme is defined as:

– Walling: Side and rear walls as required, or a small walled structure on an island stand
– Signage: choice of two options (overhead fascia or free-standing column)
– Flooring: Carpet Tiles (grey)
– Lighting: spotlights on walls or fascia
– 1 x 240V Power Point

Additional Package Inclusions for all exhibitors:

– Comprehensive Online Exhibitor Manual
– Visitor Information Tracker
– Company Listing in Official Visitor Guide Catalogue
– Water and Compressed Air Connection (bookings essential)
– Electricity Consumption
– Exhibitor Information Pack
– Lunch for Exhibitors during Move-in
– Swarf Bins
– Provision and Removal of Cutting Fluids (bookings essential)
– Stand Cleaning
– Meeting Room Facilities (bookings essential)
– Fork Lifts (up to 10 tonne)
– Testing and tagging of appliances and accessories to meet venue requirements
– Exhibitor Lounge access

For further information or to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote, please contact:

Harry the Hirer
Corinne Thomas
T : +61 3 9429 6666
81-95 Burnley Street
Richmond VIC 3121

No exhibitor is allowed to sub-let or allocate space on their stand to another company without prior consent from AMTIL. Non-approved exhibits will be asked to remove their displays from the exhibition.

AMW organisers work to ensure all scrap metal from the exhibition is recycled. Swarf bins are emptied regularly and are included in the exhibitor package in the following sizes.

Small Swarf Bin – 120 litre – 48cm x 92cm**
Large Swarf Bin – 240 litre – 58cm x 1.08cm

**preferred size due to weight when full

Please refer to your Exhibitor Dashboard. for instructions on how to order your swarf bin(s).

Prior to use, all electrical equipment must be tested and tagged in accordance with the NSW Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.

Electricians will be available on site during move in to test leads and cables.

Exhibitors must ensure that all loose cables are secured to avoid tripping hazards.

Avoiding the following is critical to safety:
– use of damaged electrical leads or untagged/out of date, tools or equipment
– use of electrical leads, tools and equipment in damp or wet conditions unless they are specially designed for use in those conditions
– placement of electrical leads where they may be damaged (e.g. on vehicle access ways, over sharp edges etc.)
– overloading electrical circuits
– use of modified tools or equipment
– use of double adaptors.

Under no circumstances may exhibitors nail or screw any article or display to the stand walls which may damage the walls. Any damage caused to panels will be charged to the exhibitor.

Under no circumstances may the toilet areas of the building be used for obtaining water, disposing of unwanted waste or washing of paintbrushes etc.

Water and Drainage

ICC Sydney is the exclusive provider of water and drainage services within the venue. Due to restricted access to water supply on the exhibition floor, it is crucial that all plumbing requirements are ordered well in advance of the move in date. ICC Sydney provides required water and drainage connection points in the nearest pit or trench.

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to order connection from the service pit to equipment. AMTIL will provide a licenced plumber on site to assist with connections as necessary.

Please pre-book your plumbing requirements using the plumbing order form in the exhibitor dashboard. Please book early to avoid last minute bookings made on site during move-in process. Late bookings result in delays for all exhibitors.

ICC Sydney Fittings

Compressed Air, Cold water and Waste systems are provided for use by exhibitors with outlets in each of the primary floor pits.

Connection is via ½ Inch BSP female thread with isolation valve.
Up to ¾ inch female supply line with valve also available.
Adaptions can be made to larger and smaller connections as needed.

Compressed Air – The ICC Sydney can provide 7 Bar pressure.

Should a larger flow rate be required please contact Kim Banks at

Contact a Contractor

Audio Visual Official Contractor

Harry the Hirer
c: Travis Wall
m: +61 425 781 166


Banner Rigging Official Contractor

Harry the Hirer
c: Travis Wall
m: +61 425 781 166


Carpet/Flooring Official Contractor

Harry the Hirer
c: Corinne Thomas
T : +61 3 9429 6666


Custom Stand Contractor

Harry the Hirer
c: Igor Kolevski
m : +61 425 781 135


Cutting Fluid Official Contractor – provision and removal

Quaker Houghton
c: Bruce Emmett
m: +61 402 145 069


Freight Official Contractor

c: Michael Stubbs
m: +61 408 556 132
t: 1300 30 49 50

c: Heath Fleetwood
m: +61 409 792 532
t: 1300 30 49 50

c: Cesar Lopez
m: +61 449 215 244
t: +61 3 9316 9888

Furniture Official Contractor

Harry the Hirer
c: Corinne Thomas
T : +61 3 9429 6666


Lighting and Power Official Contractor

Harry the Hirer
c: Travis Wall
m: +61 425 781 166


Plumbing Official Contractor

F Wood & Sons
p: +61 3 9459 6628


Walling/Shell Scheme Official Contractor

Harry the Hirer
c: Corinne Thomas
t: +61 3 9429 6666

Recommended custom stand signage suppliers include:

Harry the Hirer
c: Igor Kolevski
m: +61 425 781 135

c: John Roberts
m: 0418 886 688

Recommended custom stand builders include:

Harry the Hirer
Dana Radovanovic
m : +61 425 781 151

Exhibitors may order services including food and beverage, internet and telecommunications, with the venue’s dedicated Exhibitor Services team. Exhibitors can order these services in advance of the event at  or 02 9215 7474.

Order forms can be accessed via the exhibitors’ page on the venue’s website,

To assist with any last minute orders, the purchase of kiosk cards, general enquiries and printing services, the Exhibitor Service Desk is situated at the southern end of level two of the Exhibition Centre. It is operated by ICC Sydney staff and is open during the move in, operational and move out stages of exhibitions in halls. You can contact the Exhibitor Services team on:

ICC Sydney Exhibitor Services
Telephone: +61 2 9215 7474

Policies, Terms & Conditions

Should you have more than one company represented on your stand, please advise Kim Banks at a minimum of eight weeks prior to the exhibition.

Please Note: sub-letting of your stand is not permitted without prior approval from the organisers.

Non-approved exhibits will be asked to remove their displays from the exhibition.

View the AMW OH&S Policy here.

This Privacy Policy sets out how AMTIL collects, stores, uses, and discloses personal information relating to Australian Manufacturing Week and its other products and services.