AMW Sydney 2024

Plastics Technology Zone

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Plastic technology isĀ a specialized branch of study which includes the study of diverse types of chemicals that exhibits plasticity. It also involves the study of several methods in which plastics can be utilized for use in human life.

The Plastics Technology Zone is your hands-on opportunity to see and feel the latest in plastics machinery, mould-making technologies, recycling materials, and the many plastics manufacturing processes.

This area will cover injection and blow moulding, extrusion, thermoforming, and compounding, mould making and toolmaking, and plastic technology processes.

The Plastics Technology zone @ AMW 2024 will be showcasing the most advanced technologies within this sector. The various techniques within Plastics Technology include

Inject Moulding, Extrusion, Tool Making, Polymer Manufacturing, Raw materials, Compounding & Processing and Recycling Technologies.

Many of these will be represented within the Plastics Technology Zone.

With such an extensive array of technologies on display all on one floor, it would be the ONE place to be for all Plastics Manufacturing enthusiasts and professionals.

At Australian Manufacturing Week you will see many exhibitors showcasing all of the above and have the opportunity to find the right process, talk to the right people, gain the right expertise and get on the right path to your goals.

With this wide range of technologies and industry leaders all on display at the one time and one place, the Plastics Technology Zone should be on the must visit calendar for all the industry professionals and enthusiasts.